The Greatest Accomplishment in Life

“The greatest accomplishment in life is to be what we are, which is God’s idea of what He wanted us to be when He brought us into being.” Thomas Keating, American Catholic monk   I sat in a room full of strangers last Thursday, eight of us around a table, each...
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A New Direction :: Give Yourself the Grace to Begin Again

Near the end of 2019, I did what many of us do. I made an assessment of the past year and considered some goals for 2020. Notice that I said goals, not resolutions. I've set resolutions in the past and I've learned that giving myself the ultimatum contained in an actual resolution works AGAINST me more than it works FOR me. Goals are more...

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Fall Is For Roots, Spring Is For Shoots

We did a bit of landscaping this spring, with the help of a professional, and I'm loving the result. Coral bells have been blooming and miniature hydrangea bushes are just finishing their show. And the sedum is spreading like wildfire. "Fall is for roots, spring is for shoots." With the advent of Autumn and the cooler months of October and...

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