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Fall Is For Roots, Spring Is For Shoots

We did a bit of landscaping this spring, with the help of a professional, and I'm loving the result. Coral bells have been blooming and miniature hydrangea bushes are just finishing their show. And the sedum is spreading like wildfire. "Fall is for roots, spring is for shoots." With the advent of Autumn and the cooler months of October and...

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Take 5: Pause To Start and To Finish

There's plenty to read on the Internet about the benefits of "brain dumps." We're urged to take time before beginning a new task or at the start of a new day to write down (or dump) all the things crowding our brains. Tasks, ideas, concerns, lists. Put them all down on paper as a means of getting them out of the way to make room for the more...

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Take It Or Leave It

One of the benefits of living six decades on this earth is that gaining the approval of others matters less and less. As someone who spent too many years worrying about what people think, I'm finding great freedom in a new attitude -- "take it or leave it." We can let the expectations, preferences and opinions of others guide our lives or we...

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When the Well Runs Dry, Begin Again

Our 140-year-old brick farm house sits on property that is known for its natural springs. In at least three distinct spots on our hundred acres, water bubbles up at will. Our spring-fed pond is freezing cold year-round, but rarely freezes over in winter because of the springs supplying a constant flow of fresh water. And yet, some years ago, a...

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A Summer of Culture: Friendship, Feasts, Fiction and Film

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. As promised, I’m going to focus on some “F” topics that are “A+” in my life. A couple of weeks ago, I teased you with promises of posts on friendship, feasts and fiction. I want to add another “F” to the summer list — film. And all of these fit neatly into the one-word prompt...

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