Can you keep a secret?

I’m a bit of a loner. Most people might not suspect it, but I’d rather sit quietly in a corner with my nose in a book than work a room. Or spend a day puttering around the house, talking to the cat and doing mundane chores than heading out to the nearest mall for a girls’ shopping trip.

God wired me that way and if I ever get the Enneagram thing figured out, I’ll assign a number to it.  My son tells me I’m an INFP personality type, just like him — a mediator always looking for a hint of good in people and searching for ways to make things better. My type is “perceived as calm, reserved and shy, but with an inner flame and passion.” (

My guess is that each of us has both a public and a secret personality. You know, the face you put on when you go to church or spend time with family, and the one behind the mask that only appears when you let your guard down. Only a few people may know the secret “you” that is the most genuine version of yourself.

And that’s okay. Because I think it’s the secret personality that gets us through the hard things and the public one that makes it possible to do life with others. I can do only so much of the public “me” before the secret side of me needs to take over. Realigning my thoughts and finding good in the not-so-good only happens for me when I go to that space.

The beautiful part is that the public and secret versions of ourselves can live together and function peacefully if we acknowledge and value each part. If we’re as genuine as we can be in both public and secret spaces, we can find a rhythm that serves us well, that makes us complete.

What about you? Is there a secret space in your make-up where you feel like your truest self? Allow yourself to go there today.


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