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Write 31 Days: Taking a Cue from Scripture

Welcome to The Journey! October is always a beautiful time of the year in Northeast Indiana — perfect for pausing in our busy lives and praising our Creator.

"Selah" in our cabin by the pond.

“Selah” in our cabin by the pond.

I’ve long been fascinated with the little word “selah”, which appears 74 times in Scripture (71 in Psalms and 3 in Habbakuk). In my research on this beautiful little word, I’ve found Bible scholars differ on the chosen root word. “Calah” means “to hang or to measure or weigh in the balances.” Another root meaning is “to praise or lift up.” Yet another possible root, “salah”, is interpreted as a musical direction meaning “to pause.”

Taken together, these definitions could be a command to “pause, weigh, lift up and praise” over the words presented in Scripture. That is exactly what I’ll be doing daily for the month of October, and what I intend to do all year long during my time with the Lord.

Over the next 31 days, I hope you’ll join me as we practice selah.

“All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name.” Selah! Psalm 66:4


  1. Tara

    Love this! And yes I’m participating too!

  2. Kimberlee DuPraw

    I, too, have considered the different scholarly opinions, and reached the same opinion. 🙂


      I love a good mystery, but finding a nugget like this in The Word has been a treasure. Trying always to live “selah”.

  3. Betsy Tacchella

    I love words and definitions. Your explanation of selah was very meaningful to me. I might like to occasionally share some of your posts on my website. Ok???


      Sure! It would be an honor.

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