What to do with that space in your life where sorrow lives

God gave me four children, four babies who depended on me and who gave more meaning to my life than I could have imagined. Since that moment decades ago when I opened my heart and my womb to welcome my first child, I’ve watched that decision form me, challenge me, inspire and test me.

They’re grown now, those four little boys. Men with jobs and dreams and with big people problems that I can’t fix with a hug and words of encouragement. Oh, I try. But I know — it’s up to them now. I believe in each one of them, in their worth and in God’s plan for them. Daily I open my hands and release control to the only One who has control…..and each to their own control, to their decisions and their preferences.

And I pray.

Today, I prayed over two more children, babies not of my womb, without my genetic marks in them, but who have left their marks on my heart. Two teenagers who lost their childhood too soon have been bathed in my prayers for protection, for health, for an understanding of their worth, in my eyes and in God’s.

They have never lived in my home. They’ll never know an Indiana winter or watch soybeans being harvested in the field across from our farm. They won’t climb the trees our boys climbed or explore the barns and hillsides. But, they’ll know they are family, because I will tell them and show them.

Nayeli and Roberto have mothers and siblings. Family visits to the farm where they now live in the mountains of Honduras confirm that birthright. They are loved by their birth mothers. My own mother’s heart believes that, even yearns for a healthy connection for them to their families.

But my heart aches for them, too. Both were found on city streets, begging, wandering, dirty, even scared. Their mothers couldn’t care for them, so others have.

There is a small space in my own life where that kind of sorrow lives. I was that child whose mother stepped away because she couldn’t care for me and my sisters. I can hold such sadness and loss and know it doesn’t define me.

Or them.

Pieces of our lives, slices of time and circumstance — they can break us or they can bind us. I choose the binding.

Dear Nayeli,

Dear Roberto,

Grow strong in character and keep your face turned to the God who created you, perfect and in His image.

Nayeli and Roberto thrive in the community formed by Forgotten Children Ministries. Read more about how the hand of God has touched their lives on their website here and on my blog here.

It’s almost October!

While we’ve been sweltering in mid-July temperatures here in the Midwest, I do believe Fall has already begun and that means October is on the horizon.

I think I’ll do some writing!

I’m taking up the challenge to write a blog post each day during October. Bloggers across the globe accept the challenge and “link up” to share their blog posts with other writers. If you are a blogger, or you just want to know about the craziness of writing for 31 days, you can join in the fun by visiting the Write31Days website here.

My topic this year is “Story”. For 31 days beginning Sunday, October 1, I’ll share stories, talk about how to capture your stories, discuss why our life stories matter, offer tips and quotes about story. And, we’ll have a couple of book reviews as well as a few guest posts. I hope you’ll stop by, admire my sweet “linky” (seen at left) and leave a comment. You’re also welcome to share the posts with friends.

Happy October!


  1. Tara

    I’m so excited fir your Write 31 Days series!

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thank you, Tara! Are you taking the challenges, too?

  2. Michele Morin

    Also a four-boy-mama, and I hear your heart.
    And I admire your tenacity in taking on the 31 Day challenge — but, I’m just not able to even picture that for me! (At least not yet!)

    • inkspots53@hotmail.com

      Congrats on those four boys! Yeah, it pushes me to write 31 days, but sometimes I need that. Thanks for stopping by!

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