New eyes

New eyes

It was in the hills of Central America, 1,700 miles away from our Indiana valley, that my teenaged son and I witnessed a testimony to the power of commitment, obedience and faith.  This summer, we became part of something bigger than us, a mission that is changing...

A season of grace

The garden that so inspired me in the spring is overrun by late summer weeds.  Rains came late to our valley and have transformed the dried crust of soil I worried over in July into a verdant bed sprouting every weed known to man — plus a few tomatoes, peppers,...

Inspiration on the journey

What inspires you? The greeting of an old friend, the acquiring of a new one. Sunrise creeping across the landscape. Sunset drawing down the golden daylight. A sleeping child, deep in dreams. A grown child, deep in thought. A passage that speaks to the soul; a story...
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