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Fellowship, Wonder and Rockets

There is so much on our Journey that warrants a reflective pause. In the weeks ahead, I plan to share some observations on a few of the simple pleasures that cross my path — books, movies, music, food and, of course, people....
The Gift of Light

The Gift of Light

Our first Advent candle has been lit.  Twinkling Christmas lights illumine every corner.  Inspired, I’ve begun making Bethlehem stars. I pick up the big ball of soft yellow wool and the tiny bamboo needles and carry them with me throughout the house. I tuck them...
New eyes

New eyes

It was in the hills of Central America, 1,700 miles away from our Indiana valley, that my teenaged son and I witnessed a testimony to the power of commitment, obedience and faith.  This summer, we became part of something bigger than us, a mission that is changing...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

Join me in paying attention to the details.


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