My One Word for 2018?

My One Word for 2018?

I’m all about fresh starts, new days and Monday mornings. So, give me a holiday to celebrate a new year, and I’m there. After an evening of fun, games and good food with people I’ve come to love, on this first day of January (a Monday, no less!)...
Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden

I had a moment today. Just a moment. Isn’t it so that when you declare an intention, and you’re hoping the words might draw you and those within earshot closer to God, Satan takes notice. “You think you will___________? Well, how about if...

Faint-Heart, What Got Into You?

Peter walked on water. And then he didn’t. It’s an oft-told story, even by some not familiar with scripture. A storm was raging. The disciples saw Jesus walking across the lake and thought he was a ghost. They cried out in fear. Hear this story from The...

6 Steps To Prepare for Telling Your Faith Story

Recently, I gave you a slant* telling of my personal testimony. It was a safe version without too many details, but enough for you to know I am a sinner, saved by grace. If you are a follower of Christ, perhaps your most important life story is the one in which you...
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