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A Walk Among the Dead on Resurrection Sunday

It was not what I expected to do on an Easter Sunday evening. We had worshiped, feasted and rested. Our hearts and bellies were full with celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Who knew as the sun was setting we’d be walking among the dead and rejoicing...

Am I a Writer?

Join me today with others writing here at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog “Five Minute Friday”. Our prompt for today is “Writer.”   Planning my wardrobe for next week’s Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, Mi, I have to stop and...

Remembering Uncle Bill and His Legacy of Love

There were those crazy red neon lips atop the billboard on Lakeshore Drive. And the alley by the brick high school where we played games on summer nights. That walk to the little park with the swimming pool that would be full of local kids. Warm, fragrant...

Created to be a ‘Living Stone’

I grew up in a little stone house at the edge of a small Midwestern town. Years before we moved there, a previous owner had covered his simple wood frame house with big rocks of all shapes and sizes. Set together with mortar, like bricks, the stones transformed a...

I’ll Take This Christmas Miracle

In this season of Miracles, would God do less than deliver when asked? Even on a day when life is spinning wild with errands, with that mad rush toward a day for Celebration. Even when it’s only a worried mother asking that the search for what is lost might have...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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