‘Duck Daughter’ Is More than a Pretty Face: Write for 31 Days

http://write31days.com/My Day 27 post is a bit of a departure from my usual theme, but this young lady has been on my mind all day. So, I’m taking that as a “rhema” word from God telling me to pray for her. Today’s “God-Spot” in Write for 31 Days is Sadie Robertson.


I thought twice before I dropped the magazine into my shopping cart. The 5 bucks it cost me canceled out any money I’d saved by shopping at the chain store, and besides that, I don’t normally waste my precious reading time on US Magazine. But when I saw the headline “Duck Daughter Tells All”, I had to buy it.

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Wedged in between an article about cheating teen moms and a photo of Kim Kardashian’s “bootie” was a sweet, relatively unbiased interview with Duck Dynasty daughter Sadie Robertson. (For those of you who haven’t a clue, Willie is her Dad, Phil’s her “Papaw” and Miss Kate is her grandmother, and they make duck calls in Louisiana. Love ’em!)

As if this cute 17-year-old isn’t garnering enough attention on her family’s reality TV show, she’s currently wowing the judges on Dancing with the Stars. And not just with her footwork, but also with her character. Last week, the judges praised her modest rumba, as in this comment from dancer Juliana Hough: “Obviously, the rumba is a super passionate dance, right, but when we think passionate sometimes we go into this whole, like, raunchy thing, but it doesn’t have to be raunchy. This was a beautiful story about falling in love, and that’s what I loved about that.”

Sadie’s stated desire that the dance not come off as too sexy payed off. It will be interesting to see what she does this week.

It’s refreshing to read about a young woman who is comfortable talking about the strength and training she’s gained from family and from her faith in God. Seeing Sadie Robertson’s life portrayed alongside other young adults who are making less than admirable choices (Justin Bieber comes to mind) gives me hope.

In light of the scrutiny and heartache certain children of certain right-wing politicians have suffered, I’m inclined to send up a prayer or two for Sadie. She’s a prime target, not just for pot shots from skeptics, but for temptations that will no doubt be leveled at her by the ultimate skeptic.

I’ve rediscovered the brief gospel of Jude lately, and my prayer for Sadie Robertson — and for all young women seeking to remain pure — is this doxology (Jude 24-25) offered up by the half-brother of Jesus Christ:

“Now to Him who is able to protect you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory, blameless and with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, be glory, majesty, power and authority before all time, now and forever. Amen.”

Keep your eyes on Jesus, Sadie.



  1. Kim

    What a true gift it is – to have her life in the spotlight a bit…but also to have such a lovely girl praying for her safety. I love this perspective.

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thanks, Kim! This young woman could influence her peers — I pray she does.

  2. Levi Thetford

    I loved this post, Ingrid. Your passage in Jude is one of my favorites in all the Bible. I will pray for Sadie. Thanks!!!

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thank you, Levi!. Sadie will need all our prayers as she lets God use her in the world today. I love the Book of Jude in general. I’ll probably have to write about it soon!

  3. Tara

    This is such a great reminder. I will keep my eyes on Jesus.

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