Five Minute Friday Reflections on “Tree”

Five Minute Friday

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She stands guard over our ancient brick home. That Copper Beech has furled her skirt to shade a bigger swath of the yard every year, and in this season of shedding, her palm-sized leaves are spreading a blanket clear to the road.

I can’t look at the beautiful arbor without seeing my four sons in her branches. Each about the same age, though in truth they came across a 10-year spread. But they each discovered the challenge of scaling the Copper Beech at around 8-10 years old, and in my mind’s eye, they fill those branches at this perfect tree-climbing age.

I see them now, the oldest cautious one in the lower branches, smiling sweetly, a book in hand. Miles above him, it seems, squats his younger brother. Always the one to try to reach the tip top of the tree, he’s climbing her now, half-hidden by the deep green leaves. The next in line hangs by his legs from the perfect swinging branch, brown hair and eyes shining in the summer sun. And the youngest, scrambling after his bigger brother, is determined to keep up, to reach that top branch.

How much love can one tree hold? For a Mother with a newly-empty nest, this Copper Beech and her newly-empty branches are wrapped in the happy times of raising boys and loving every minute.













































































































  1. Brenda L. Yoder

    This is beautiful. It make me think of the giving tree. Only I’m glad yours is still standing and hopefully will have memories for many generations to come!

  2. Kelly Hausknecht Chripczuk

    What beautiful words, I have three boys and a daughter who outclimbs them all (so far), so I can picture your boys so easily. “How much love can one tree hold?” Lovely. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Great to meet you here, Kelly! Enjoy this years with your tree climbers.

  3. Aunt Lila

    How beautiful..I wish I could only have thoughts like you..the words on paper will never come..Your boys will be able to live forever with the writings you do..even if God should call your name tonight…My nephew has found himself a beautiful woman..inside and you..

  4. Ingrid Lochamire

    Oh, Aunt Lila, thank you for your kind words. I love you, too!

  5. Susan Wachtel

    Dear Ingrid,

    What cherished and vivid memories you have. Your descriptions are such that your readers can imagine what you are describing. Thank you for sharing.

    Lord bless…Susan

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