In the Matrix of Doubt and Fear :: 31 Days of Selah

For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

Romans 8:15

God speaks to me through many avenues — nature, music, the written word, people’s lives. Is it the same for you? I read scripture and pray and listen for God’s voice, but often it isn’t until later, when I’m “doing life”, that I hear from God.

I’ve been going through a Bible study with a group of about a dozen women from our community. Different churches, different ages, various walks in life. It’s wonderful. The study, written by Jennie Allen, is called “Chase”. It’s about chasing after the heart of God and we’re looking at the life and faith of King David.

This week, we considered the strength of our belief and shared our doubts that lead to fear. Jennie numbered her own doubts, then she said this:

“If we are honest, there are moments or seasons we all doubt because every foundational thing about us depends on invisible stuff.”

It helps to know I’m not alone.

Then yesterday, as I was driving through our beautiful autumn weather running errands, I listened to a podcast from The Rabbit Room featuring a conversation between musicians Andrew Peterson and Ron Block (great spiritual discussions here — check it out). Both are followers of Christ and their faith informs their music. Andrew shared a time Ron told him about carrying cards in his pocket with specific verses of scripture on them. Ron described how the verse cards, when held in his hands, helped him battle dangerous doubts and fear, much like the character Neo in The Matrix movie series deflects deadly rays with his hands. Pulling out the scripture cards and reading them was how Ron deflected the rays of doubt and fear during a trying time in his life.

Yeah. I get that. I need that. Deflectors of Doubt.

Jennie Allen pointed to five promises from scripture in our study this week that hold her up and drive her when she has doubt.

“These promises are made even more beautiful because they are not hinging on some spectacular performance from me while I am here on earth. God promises these things, and I am just a recipient.”

God’s promises = Deflectors of Doubt.

I have been asking God to lead me through my valleys of doubt and fear, and he showed me that I need promises I can hold in my pocket and in my heart. I’ll bet you do, too.

These Deflectors of Doubt are not some sci-fi fantasy. They are real. Today, I’m sharing Romans 8:15 because these words are a promise I need to hear and know, words I need to hold in my fist as I fight the attacks of the enemy.

More to come…..


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