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Five Minute Friday

Posting today at Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker on “See”. Writing off the top of my head for five minutes……GO!

It’s white everywhere you look, snow piled high, roads covered and slick. We’re recovering from the worst blizzard in 35 years and some of us haven’t been out of the house for days. But here we are, hundreds of us, filling a parking lot in a little Amish town to celebrate our community and to hear from…….a politician?

The white-haired fellow taking the microphone in the middle of our chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes is our state’s Governor, Mike Pence. He praises us for coming out in this weather, and we applaud him for making the three-hour drive from our state’s capitol to have lunch with us.

Then he begins to warm up this winter day with his perspective on what it means to be a Hoosier. He tells us what’s good about our conservative Midwestern state, about the people who live and work here. He gives us statistics and promises, but what I hear is pride. From a man who at eight years old felt the pull to serve his country in some way. Who went to Indiana universities to earn his degrees, who is a basketball fall and loves the movie “Hoosiers”, and who calls himself a Hoosier — through and through.

At the end of his visit, we see our humble community and our part of the country with different eyes. I still wish I were in sunny Florida right now, but contentment with where you are in life depends on your perspective. I’m glad I had my vision adjusted on this winter day.

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  1. ccahill2013

    What a neat and unique way to write about the word “see”. I loved this. How we “see” in our minds. Our perspective. Thank you for your post.

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