Lenten Logos :: Praying with Jesus

Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. Spring weather, baskets of candy, soft bunnies, pretty new clothes, colored eggs. All of it beats snow, darkness, a chubby Santa and the potential for gift disappointment (it’s a thing) hands-down.

My grown-up reasons for loving Easter have as much to do with Lent as they do with the resurrection. In fact, I receive as much joy from the journey as I do the destination. Preparing my heart for Easter Sunday speaks to me. You might say anticipation is my love language.

This year I wanted to spend the eight weeks of preparation immersed in the world of Christ. Most often, that means reading the gospels, which I’ve done often in the past. Or considering the prophecies, beautiful words that foretell the coming Messiah. But I wanted words on my tongue that, when spoken in his native Aramaic, would have been carried on the wind by the voice of Jesus.

I wanted the Psalms.

The Psalms are the songs of the culture in which Jesus lived. These words, many of which were written and sung by his ancestor King David, guided Jesus’ lifelong worship and spiritual growth as both the Son of Man and Son of God. I know that Jesus read, sang and memorized the Psalms because he quoted them often. Several years ago, I tagged a dozen Psalms that, out of the 150 written by shepherds, wise men and kings thousands of years ago, speak to me today.

I invite you to join me on a seven-week journey with the prayers Jesus buried in his heart. Beginning next week (Ash Wednesday) and continuing through Easter, you are invited to pray the Psalms with me and with Jesus. I’m offering a collection of devotionals titled Lenten Logos :: Praying with Jesus. Logos means simply “word” but in the context of scripture, it also refers to “the special revelation of God to people and personifies the revelation of God as Jesus the Messiah.” (You can read much more about “logos” here.)

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

I invite you to join me each week in using a simple format I’ve prepared to lead us as we recite a chosen Psalm, read a short verse from Matthew and prayerfully consider a question for personal reflection. Selah — the reflection question — serves as prompt for personal journaling.

I’ve attached an introductory, bonus Lenten Logos below. Click on it to download and print. The remaining weekly Logos ~ all seven of them ~ will be delivered by email each Saturday to those who request them. Look for a box below to share your address and join us as we journey together through Lent toward the glory of Easter.



  1. Emily

    Looking forward to this Ingrid.

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thanks, Emily. I checked — you’re a subscriber so you should have received your first week’s devotional on Monday via email.

    • Katie Cugini

      I excited to participate in this journey during lent!

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