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A Mouse Ran Up My Arm Today – Why?

There is no way to spiritualize what’s on my mind as I sit down to write for 5 quick minutes. There just isn’t. I won’t even try.

A mouse ran up my arm today. A mouse!

I hate, detest, fear, obssess over mice. I do. And when one runs up my arm, I can’t get it off my mind. So that’s what you’ll get at Five Minute Friday.

I was doing a typical morning chore, dipping into the tub that holds cat food, scooping up this morning’s portion. So far, so good. Still in my bathrobe, I stepped onto the back patio and bent to pour the food into the cat bowls when something soft and fast scurried up my arm, into my robe sleeve.

It’s a good thing we live in the country, at least a mile from other neighbors because my blood-curdling scream echoed off the hillside.

Ripping off the the bathrobe and tossing it to the ground, I saw an equally terrifed gray mouse run for the hills, cats in fast pursuit.

Hyperventilation does not begin to describe the state of my health at that moment. Standing there in the frigid air in my shortie nightgown, purple bathrobe crumpled at my bare feet, I realized how ridiculous this was.


He was soft, light as a feather, kinda cute. Why was I, an adult woman of substantial height and weight (relatively speaking) freaking out over a mouse?

There. I’ve got it out of my system.

And tomorrow, my husband can feed the cats.



  1. Lisa

    I love this post – I’m sitting at my desk and I’m imagining this whole scene – great post!!


      Thanks, Lisa! I needed to get this off my chest…..uh, arm.

  2. Shanda

    Thank God this happens to other people too!! I have reached into our 50 gallon can of birdseed with the bucket to find a mouse leaping for my arm and scrambling up and out, then flying off me to land I-know-not-where. I love field mice, however. They are little beauties, unless they’re in the basement ceiling….or dead and smelly. XOXOXO


      oh, yes. Dead and smelly. This was a gray mouse, soft and furry (yuck!) but terrifying nonetheless!

  3. Cindy Wilkins

    Oh my Ingrid!!! Hope your day went up from there! I’ve had those mouse, bat, and snake encounters too! All of which make me shiver all over! There’s no reasoning why we’re so afraid of things so much smaller than we are, but your vividly written reaction is exactly mine too! A break from feeding the cats is definitely in order! God Bless, Cindy Wilkins

  4. Tara

    This was such a fun post. I would have screamed at that mouse too. Especially if it ran up my arm. I’m in the 50 spot this week.

  5. Amber

    Oh my goodness! Never had one ON me but had one next to my hand as I pulled back the shower curtain. Had to laugh later because we were both trying to run out of the bathroom, so it seemed like it was chasing me out (unclothed as it were) but we were both just trying to get away! Haha! Praying you can sleep tonight! What a day!

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