My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, Part 1

What does one do while on vacation but eat?


In the first 24 hours of my Greek Getaway, I consumed a generous slice of Key Lime Pie, a wonderful turkey-and-tomato omelet, a chocolate eclair topped with strawberries and kiwi (that was lunch) and an amazing authentic Greek dinner featuring moussaka, potatoes, lamb, cute little meatballs and a Greek salad.

Whew! But I also walked at least five miles (more or less), so I think earned it.

My generous, loving husband gifted me with a Getaway to mark the passage this month into my Seventh Decade of Life on this earth. A dear friend joined me on this journey (and in the above culinary indulgences). Our arrangement is that she is staying with her parents in a nearby Gulf Coast community while I am bedded down 10 miles away in a lovely Victorian B&B in the quaint Greek village of Tarpon Springs. We’ll get together as we wish for sunning, exploring and, of course, eating.

So on this Sunday morning I’m worshiping from my brass bed with The Message and my favorite Pandora Praise station, and sharing my adventures with you. Bliss…….

On one of our strolls through this village on Saturday, we paused at a sponge vendor to watch a video about sponge-harvesting. The first Greek sponge-divers immigrated to this coastal territory in the 1880s and a new industry was born in Florida. Sponge-harvesting flourished in the 1940s, but red tide algae nearly wiped out the sponge fields in 1947 and the industry suffered. Today, many of the sponges sold on the docks are imported. However, there is hope for a revival as enterprising town officials work to maintain the community’s ties to Greece, and encourage locals to join the harvest of natural sponges from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, we’ll soak in more of the color, flavor and music of Greece that is flowing through the streets of this village. And no doubt we’ll consume another delicacy from one of the many Greek bakeries on our trek to or from Whitcomb Bayou and Sunset Beach.


Today’s Weather Forecast:

Northern Indiana — High 53, 40% chance of showers.

Tarpon Springs — High 79, 0% chance of showers, partly sunny.

The bells are chiming at the nearby Greek Orthodox Church. The beach and bayou beckon……


  1. Brenda L. Yoder

    I’m reading this while I’m actually watching that movie and envying your time away! I’m so excited for you and you are so deserving of this! I love the new picture on this space. So. Ready for Spring. Love you!

  2. Ingrid Lochamire

    Thanks, Brenda. Can’t believe you’re actually watching the movie! Wish you were here to enjoy this sunshine with me.

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