Nature or Nurture? To God Be the Glory: Writing for 31 Days

The three dwarf apple trees we’ve cultivated on our farm for many years are nearly void of apples this fall. Last year at this time, the branches were so laden that many touched the ground. We were begging people to come and pick apples.

It’s possible that, had we sprayed, pruned and fed our trees, we could have had a greater harvest this year. But we just expected to see a repeat of last fall’s bounty, so we let nature take its course.

Our bare trees remind me that, to see fruit in our lives, we need to be fed. We need to nurture our faith and to accept God’s pruning as He removes things from our lives or allows trials that shape us. If left to human nature, I can go for days without applying God’s holy manure to my roots and allowing him to trim my branches.

Nature or nurture? Which will bring God glory?

apple scripture is Day 14 of the 31-Day Writing Challenge. Join me and 1600 other bloggers as we attempt to write a post every day for the month of October by clicking on my button at left.







  1. Natalie Weaver Busch

    Amen! What a great way of looking at it. I am sure next year will be better. I would come pick some if I lived near you!

  2. Tara

    Nurture is so important. My job is to equip families to pass on faith and values. How do we nurture them together in their faith? It really is about forming those important relationships and nurturing them together. I love how you use the word “holy manure.” Having grown up on a family farm, I understand how important manure can be…to help fertilize the ground, etc. Thanks for another great post. I look forward to following you long after the 31 days is over.

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thanks, Tara! Lots of lessons can be learned on the farm, true? It’s great that you’re working to equip families. So important! Bless you and I look forward to continuing the connection!

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