We all have stories to tell.

Even if we’re only telling them to ourselves, it’s important that we see the value in them and “capture” them for the power they hold. Each week, I’ll invite you to pause and consider the stories you’re living and revisit stories from your past. At Tell Me A Story, I’ll help you “catch and release” your stories to do their work in the world. From time to time, you’ll meet other storytellers who have embraced the power of their stories to heal, create legacy, encourage others or simply to entertain.

Pull up a chair and tell me a story.



Our Stories Matter 

“To lose track of our stories is to be profoundly impoverished not only humanly but also spiritually.” ~ Frederick Buechner, Author, Storyteller, Theologian

Tell Me A Story: Episode 1

In the first episode, I introduce you to our neighbor, Bud. Our friend has lived in this rural Indiana valley as long as we have, but before he landed here, he called the hills of West Virginia “home”. Bud is a wood carver who tells his stories with tools and paint. We think most of Bud’s carvings look a lot like him. Take a few minutes to consider why our stories matter. Join me through the link here, and at Spotify, iTunes, and Sketcher.

Our Stories Matter

Start with Why

“No one’s story exists alone. Each is tangled up in countless others. Pull a thread in my story and feel the tremor half a world and two millennia away.” ~ Daniel Taylor, author of Tell Me a Story

Tell Me A Story: Episode 2

Socrates famously wrote “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs said “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” The truth is knowing ourselves gets us closer to knowing, honoring and fearing God. Self-examination is the why behind the what of capturing and sharing our life stories.

In this episode, I reference 3 books and one TED Talk:

Start with Why


On the Front Porch

I sat down with my friend Brenda Yoder over the summer as together we recorded a podcast series titled On the Front Porch. Brenda and I always have plenty to talk about and many of our best conversations have taken place on one of our front porches. You can catch our chats about family, faith and so many other things by checking out these front-porch conversations.


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