On the Front Porch

I’m joining my friend Brenda Yoder this summer for a podcast series titled On the Front Porch. We’ll be chatting over the next several months about friendship, family, faith and community ~ and any other topics that come to mind during our bimonthly chat. Brenda and I are good friends who always have plenty to talk about, and many of our best conversations have taken place on one of our front porches.

Pull up a chair and enjoy these front-porch conversations, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.


The Power of Engaging in Your Community S3E2

Keys to Healthy Friendships S3E3

God created us for community and the smaller space of friendship. This week On The Front Porch, Brenda and Ingrid talk about friendship. Their own friendship began in their local community almost ten years ago! In this episode, Ingrid and Brenda talk about important…

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