On the Front Porch

I’m joining my friend Brenda Yoder this summer for a podcast series titled On the Front Porch. We’ll be chatting over the next several months about friendship, family, faith and community ~ and any other topics that come to mind during our bimonthly chat. Brenda and I are good friends who always have plenty to talk about, and many of our best conversations have taken place on one of our front porches. Pull up a chair and enjoy these front-porch conversations. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.


The Power of Engaging in Your Community S3E2

Best Tips for Family Life S3E6

Ingrid and Brenda talk today about their top three tips for family life. Between them, they have over sixty years of parenting, and almost the same years of marriage, and experience Ingrid has being a single mom. In this episode, they share some of the most important pieces of advice for family life. Join them On the Front Porch for this important episode! And, for more parenting tips like this, join the Fledge Parent Facebook Forum, and purchase Brenda’s book Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind.


Why Women Need Other Women S3E5

When relationships enrich our lives and grow us up as women and followers of Christ, it’s natural to offer the same level of friendship to other women. In this episode, our hosts continue their conversation centered around women who influence others, fondly referred to as The Three Bettys. This time, Ingrid and Brenda talk
about the importance of reaching out to other women. Importance characteristics they discuss are:
  • availability to younger women or those growing in faith (which we all are, right?)
  • mutual benefits of investing in the lives of women
  • the importance of asking someone you admire or respect to pour into your life.
  • the role reciprocity plays in mentor or intergenerational relationships.

The Three Bettys S3E4

Has there been a woman in your life who has invested in you or mentored you, “coming alongside” in a way that left a lasting impact? Brenda and Ingrid continue their summer conversations On the Front Porch by talking about women who have influenced them, both formally and casually. Ingrid has called them “Bettys” in honor of an early mentor of her. Both Brenda and Ingrid share about three women whose influence and example have guided and inspired them in their faith and in their roles as women. Qualities each of the Bettys brought to the relationships are similar to those desired in friendships:
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Sensitivity (or the ability to “see” them)
  • Confidentiality
  • Availability

Keys to Healthy Friendships S3E3

God created us for community and the smaller space of friendship. This week On The Front Porch, Brenda and Ingrid talk about friendship. Their own friendship began in their local community almost ten years ago! In this episode, Ingrid and Brenda talk about important qualities of friendship. These
  • Healthy, nurturing friendships
  • Honesty
  • Trust 
  • The importance of reciprocity
  • Boundaries in friendship
  • And more!

In addition, Ingrid and Brenda each share a unique friendship from a specific season of life. They also agree there is one key ingredient in sustaining a healthy, mutually satisfying friendship. Listen in to discover that ingredient!

The Power of Engaging in Your Community S3E2

God created us to live in community. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that grass roots efforts may be the best solution for real problems. By addressing needs in local communities, we make a difference right outside our back door. In this episode, Ingrid and Brenda talk about how they participate in their local community, the importance of engagement, and how you can learn to be hands-on in solving problems that are real and tangible.

On The Front Porch: New Podcast Series S3E1

As we embrace summer, we find ourselves in the middle of what Brenda calls “The Great Pause.” Covid-19 has altered our lives, perhaps not just in the present, but also for the future. In this episode, Brenda and Ingrid share how front porch sitting might be one of the greatest take-aways from this life on pause! Brenda and Ingrid have been friends for a decade. Many of their best conversations have taken place on one of their front porches. In the first episode, they’ll talk about what makes front porch conversations so meaningful, inviting you to listen! You’ll also learn

  • The significance of a front porch
  • How they met
  • What they have in common as friends
  • What they’ve been doing while staying at home.

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