Simplify :: Lift It Up, Lay It Down, Carry On

I like things to come in threes. It probably comes from my training as a floral designer. Always, blossoms placed in threes, never one, two or four. It’s all about balance, said my instructor.

During Advent, in the midst of crazy and beautiful and busy, I tried to simplify the season with these three phrases: “Lift It Up, Lay It Down and Carry On”. This mantra helped me to take troubles as they arose directly to God, choosing daily to lay down any baggage that might distract from the focus on the coming of Christ, and to carry on with the celebration..

For the most part, this worked. We enjoyed a simple, beautiful season with family and friends.

Now, in this new year, weather has forced a simplicity that I find refreshing and encouraging. The ground is covered in snow (except for that crazy warm spell) and our travel options are limited. I’m embarking on a simplified diet (along with everyone else) to combat inflammation, and I’m trying to focus on just three goals for the year ahead:

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

Many of you are familiar with those words from Micah 6:8. They are etched in chalk on a frame hanging in my writing space. Nearby are other three-word reminders:



Simple, yet so difficult on days when we feel discouraged, overwhelmed, “less than”. Praying for all of you writing in the quiet (or chaos) of January, that you may find your balance. Start with three commands — just three — and “sim-pli-fy”.


I’m writing for five quick minutes at Five Minute Friday. Drop by to read other essays on the word SIMPLIFY.


  1. Rebekah Beene

    Wonderful! Just makes us want to take up Simplify as our calling doesn’t it? Have a blessed weekend. I’m visiting from FMF and post there as well.


      It does — I think God gives these prompts to Kate to help keep us all on track! Dropping by to visit you, as well.

  2. Joanne Viola

    Loved this take on “simplify”. It is so practical and easy for us all to apply. Glad to have stopped here today. I think this is my first time, so may I say, “Glad to meet you!”.


      Hello, Joanne! I’m all about practical, so I’m glad this resonated with you today.

  3. Tara

    Micah 6:8 was my seminary class’s class verse. It’s one of my absolute faves! And threes that seems particularly biblical. 🙂 I’m in the 7 spot this week.


      Hi, Tara! Thanks for stopping by. It struck me, too, that words in threes are in keeping with the Trinity. Not intentional, but a sweet parallel.

  4. Carol

    Well said!

    Three, it’s the magic number. Do you remember that song from Schoolhouse Rock?


      I do! My kids grew up on Schoolhouse Rock. Thanks for that memory!

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