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When the Innocent Suffer: Stop the Heartache

“Are you mean?” It’s not a question I’m asked often, so when the little girl with the cynical blue eyes asked, I knew I’d better give a straight answer. “I don’t think so.” “Are you nice? Are you nice to your kids? Do you ever smack their...

Tell Them Your Story

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.  These past several weeks, I have posted facts about violence in dating relationships among teens, signs that your dating relationship may not be healthy and how to set boundaries in relationships. Teens who find...

Tell Them They Deserve Better

Her brown eyes pooled with tears and her lower lip quivered as she timidly approached. “My dad has been abusing me since I was little. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t hurting me.” This brave teenager’s bold admission caught me off...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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