New Neighbors and a Change in the Landscape

New Neighbors and a Change in the Landscape

When I stand on my front porch, I can’t see a single house. Trees, soybeans and corn stubble populate the landscape. I like it that way. But around the curve to the north, there’s lots of activity. I have new neighbors. A small dairy farm up the road has...

When Life Sings a New Tune, Dance

I usually don’t mind change, but it’s funny the things you miss once they’re gone. Things like the “boom, boom, boom” of a dump truck at 6:30 a.m. Or the air brakes of a semi tractor as it slows down outside our front door. Or the loud...

Today, God Made a Farm Wife: Write for 31 Days

Today’s “God-Spot” showed up in a bean field, and in the heart of this farm wife. I’m writing every day for 31 days, with just five days to go! To read more posts, click on the button at left.   A funny thing happened on our Sunday drive....

I Am a Grower of Tomatoes

What was I thinking? Nine tomato plants — count ’em, NINE — for two adult people. How did they wind up in the trunk of my car? Yes, there is that 19-year-old who’s home for the summer, but he stays away from tomatoes unless they’re in a...

Saints Among Us: Living Out Her Faith

I am honored to welcome a dear friend, Brenda Yoder of Beyond the Picket Fence Ministries, as she shares her tribute to her mother-in-law for the series Saints Among Us. Enjoy her reflections here and visit her blog, Life Beyond the Picket Fence at
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