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Can We Agree To Disagree?

Can We Agree To Disagree?

Sometimes it isn’t in agreement that we find harmony, but in finding a way to agree to disagree. In joining the Five Minute community today, I’m marveling at the way God orchestrates the smallest details of our lives — even down to the focus He plans...
Surrender :: Do I Have the Patience of Job?

Surrender :: Do I Have the Patience of Job?

Five minutes on this one word — SURRENDER. I could write all day…. I began reading through scripture chronologically last fall, at the start of Advent, and picked it up again January 1 with Genesis. For seven weeks those of us reading it together, and...

Simplify :: Lift It Up, Lay It Down, Carry On

I like things to come in threes. It probably comes from my training as a floral designer. Always, blossoms placed in threes, never one, two or four. It’s all about balance, said my instructor. During Advent, in the midst of crazy and beautiful and busy, I tried...

Five Minute Friday :: Sing A Song of Ascent

I haven’t done this for awhile, but I’m diving in today to write for five minutes flat on the word “Sing”. Find more five-minute essays or join the conversation here. I cannot. Sing, that is. I warble along with songs on the radio or on my...

Celebrate :: A Five Minute Party in the Trenches

It’s raining and my “to do” list is long, my prayer list even longer. The house needs cleaned. There are bills to pay. My elderly parents need help packing up their home and downsizing for their move to an apartment. I have sons in distant cities...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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