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When Those Who Cannot Go, Give :: Trades of Hope

When Those Who Cannot Go, Give :: Trades of Hope

Her name was Sandra and we made an instant connection. She was the only Honduran woman I’d met who spoke beautiful English. And, she bore the name of my little sister. On my second trip to Honduras, I was asked to share a Bible study with the local women. A...

Divine Appointments: A Story of Redemption in Honduras

There are many borders between northeast Indiana and Monte Redondo, Honduras. State borders, continental borders, national borders. We crossed them all in our journey to and from Honduras last week. But manmade barriers prove ineffective when hearts come together to...

Feet on the Ground, Ministry in our Hearts

Today, the real mission work begins. At least, that’s what one might assume. When we load our bus with bags of supplies for families living in the surrounding communities here in eastern Honduras, we’ll know our week of missionary work has begun. Actually,...

How ‘Forgotten Children’ Changed My Life

At a writing conference in Michigan last spring, I met a tall young woman with a captivating smile and a beautiful accent. We ran into each other over and over again during the conference (including in various restrooms) and decided we could be “cyber friends”. Though...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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