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When Beauty Is Used To Exploit

Their names are Nina, Lily and Chrissy. And I just tossed them into the fire. Beautiful smiles and, yes, lovely bodies. God is a master craftsman. So why did their beauty bring me to tears? This week, Sports Illustrated unveiled its 50th annual swimsuit edition. A...

When You Know Who Brings the Gifts

It was a strange juxtaposition, now that I think of it. Back in the years when we celebrated Christmas at the little white church by the side of the road, every Christmas program ended with a visit from Saint Nick. Bearded, dressed in a fur-trimmed red suit and black...

Write! What, Why and How?

Blogging today at Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and hundreds of other writers. Join us! “Can cursing and blessing come from the same mouth……the same pen?” Sitting in the retreat center, with beautiful Lake Michigan just half a mile down...

My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, Part 4

On the final evening of My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, I admit to feeling torn. I hear it is snowing in northern Indiana. It’s chilly here, but I went to dinner in sandals. I miss my husband and my kids and I’m beginning to feel a little restless, but then...

My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, Part 3

On my walks down Tarpon Avenue to the bayou the past several mornings, I’d heard other bayou walkers discuss manatee sightings. Helpful individuals pointed out spots where they had surfaced near the shore. Several times, I paused on my walk and sat to watch...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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