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My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, Part 2

Second only to good food as an Important Getaway Necessity are good books. Because I packed light for this trip (and still had to pay to check my bag), I brought my Kindle and a precious few actual books. The one I HAD to pack is a long-time favorite: “Gift from...

My Big, Fat Greek Getaway, Part 1

What does one do while on vacation but eat? In the first 24 hours of my Greek Getaway, I consumed a generous slice of Key Lime Pie, a wonderful turkey-and-tomato omelet, a chocolate eclair topped with strawberries and kiwi (that was lunch) and an amazing authentic...
New eyes

New eyes

It was in the hills of Central America, 1,700 miles away from our Indiana valley, that my teenaged son and I witnessed a testimony to the power of commitment, obedience and faith.  This summer, we became part of something bigger than us, a mission that is changing...
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“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris

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