Taking a Minute for Latte, Laughter and Life

140416_0001Over there, behind the card rack. I can’t take my eyes off you.

I’m not a stalker. I’m happily married and young enough to be your daughter. But there is something about you.

It could be the way you nod at the fella next to you with a smile that says “You matter to me.” Or the friendly wave at the guy walking through the front door. “Welcome! You’re one of us.”

Maybe it’s the laughter, the low rumble of your conversation.

Whatever it is, I can’t stop watching. And you make me smile.

I slip out my phone and snap a quick photo while my latte cools on the table before me. It’s a rare day that I take a seat in a coffee shop. I’m usually rushing through, grabbing a “to-go” as I pat that list of errands in my pocket. But today, I decide to sit a spell — and I don’t even hook up to the free internet.

So glad I’m just sitting here watching, because this is better than anything posted on Facebook or slipped into one of my favorite feel-good video sites. This is life. Happening right here and now.

You guys are the real deal. You’re friends. All grey hair and colorful shirts and chinos. All shared memories of hard times and good days. You’re all that and you’re sitting here in the winter of your life, laughing like it’s Springtime and you haven’t a care in the world. Oh, I know that some of you will go home to a lonely house to warm up soup for a solitary lunch. A few of you will head to the doctor or pharmacy for yet another prescription to add to the list that keeps growing. The lucky among you will go home to tasks that await, that make you feel productive and glad to be alive.

But you’re here now and you wouldn’t want to be any where else.

I know you, because you’re like my Dad. You have aches and pains, you have history and you know the final chapters are being written. But you live them like they’re first drafts.

That’s a good way to live.

I’m sitting here today because of a guy who could take a spot at your table. I met Levi on the Internet when he visited my blog, and he could be one of you. He likes coffee shops where conversation happens. And he loves God. Levi and I exchanged comments and he made me think about slowing down and taking a minute to watch life in my favorite coffee shop.

So glad I did.

Thought-provoking-thursday-banner_NEWI’m linking up today at Thought Provoking Thursdays with Lyli Dunbar. Join me here for more conversation.



  1. Levi Thetford

    I am so glad that you have enjoyed slowing down a bit and enjoying your coffee shop. It truly is one of the best parts of my day. Thanks for linking as well. Have a great day!!!!! Levi

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thank you, Levi. I intend to join your reflection on Jonathon Edwards later today. Maybe with a cup of coffee? God Bless!

      • Levi Thetford

        Thanks and you too.

  2. swirlsofthought

    Very sweet thoughts. Thanks for capturing and sharing your moment.

  3. Being Woven

    This is so perfect for it is in the slowing down where life truly happens for those of us who are literally slowing down (like me!). I do find that these moments of quiet reflection, sharing a glass of ice tea with another, taking time to talk to a sister on the phone for an hour when we live 3000 miles a part, things such as that, make my life far more meaningful than living at some hurried, worldly pace. Thanks for sharing. Am stopping by from Lyli’s Thought Provoking Thursday.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thank you, LInda! I’m trying to learn this slowing-down thing as part of my new life as an empty-nester. Blessings on your day!

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