Ten :: Putting Gratitude at the Top of my List

I read that book some years back. Just devoured it, actually. “One Thousand Gifts” — counting all the ways the Lord blesses and actually THANKING HIM for the blessings.


So I began my list: ten things I am grateful for every day. My goal was a thousand, and beyond.

Where is that list today? Haven’t a clue. When did my striving to stir up thankfulness — “eucharisteo” — fall by the wayside?

Was it when our children became adults, left home and the house became silent?

Thank you, Jesus, that they are healthy and safe.

When our business grew and my work load increased and my husband worked late?

Thank you, Jesus, for financial security and success.

When friends presented needs and prayer became a necessity?

Thank you, Jesus, for cherished friendships.

When God pointed me toward work outside our home?

Thank you, Jesus, for new friends and coffee.

When the absent sons could no longer tend our lawn and it became my job?

Thank you, Jesus, for the beauty of our hillside home.

When my parents called and asked “please drive us here”?

Thank you, Jesus, that my Mom and Dad are still with me.

When the need to update our home stirred me to buy paint and brushes?

Thank you, Jesus, for the health and strength to do simple tasks.

When the writing projects came and I began feeling overwhelmed?

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of words.

When good books and Bible studies consumed my time?

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Word and words that inspire.

When long walks became prayer walks.

Thank you, Jesus, for never leaving my side.

Ten, and more. The “gifts” just keep piling up.

Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Tara

    Did you know there is an 1000 Gifts app for your phone? I downloaded the app and am keeping a list on my phone. I love the word “Eucharisteo.” It’s such a beautiful holy word. I’m parked in the # ten spot this week at FMF.

  2. denise

    bless your thankful heart.

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