Two Stops on the Blog Tour and a gift ‘to those who see…..’

Before I share my reflections, I want to direct you to the blogs of two special women. They willingly joined the World Blog Tour today at my request. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them as they give you a glimpse into their lives. Please hop on over to meet Connie at her blog, My Days Well-Lived. In addition to her World Blog Tour post, spend a minute reading her heart-felt essay about motherhood. In an entirely different vein, I know you’ll have fun reading about the adventures of Lou Ann at her blog Stories from a Small Town. As I write this, Lou Ann is en route home to northeast Indiana from her summer island home on Okracoke Island. Enjoy!

kayaksIn the waning of summer, I can’t help but notice a subtle shift in the weather. Until this weekend, I never considered how much I love the month of August. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, but August has her own unique characteristics. Floating in a kayak on a local lake Sunday afternoon, the sun glinting off the lake’s surface, I remembered how the sun’s rays glared from mid-arc earlier this summer. On this day, the sunshine was more a glow than a glare.

This seasonal shift began about a week ago with the dropping of yellow leaves from our walnut trees. They are always the first to turn green in the spring and yellow in leafautumn. Our still-green lawn is littered with the little yellow slivers.

Wildflowers scattered alongside the pond last year are finally in full bloom and I know they’ll keep bringing color well into autumn. I love petunias, geraniums and roses, but these wild beauties are my favorites.


The glow of late afternoon sun has turned our lane into a golden pathway and I pause to take it in.


The changes in my physical world coincide with the shifts in my heart-held world. People marrying, moving and starting over. Some of these changes have not been easy to accept, but there is beauty even in that.

Years ago, on a late summer vacation in Michigan, I was introduced to the artist and poet Gwen Frostic. Her lovely little book of original block prints and poetry is a favorite I pull out from time to time. From her collection “To those who see….”

“…..yellowed leaves floating in the air

bare stalks stand erect

holding next year’s pussy willows to the sky

An illustration from Gwen Frostic's "To those who see..."

An illustration from Gwen Frostic’s “To those who see…”


there is no beginning…and no ending…

…..only a slow blending….

day into night…fall into winter into spring…


to the eye that beholds it

is the one consistency…..”

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