What Is God Calling You To? And Will You Say Yes?

Theologian and philosopher Dietrich Bonhoeffer famously said “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”

Bonhoeffer was referring to Christ’s call to a surrendered life…..to a life given over to following Him.


But can’t we also know that the call will come while we are on the path….while we follow, head down, feet to the ground, intent on the journey.

And the call may be only this:

Come. Rest.”

When He calls, do we turn from those things we THINK He has already called us to do? That list of “To Do”, the good endeavor, the friend in need, the task laid out. Do we turn from them and turn to Him and say “Yes”?

So the question is not “What is God calling you TO DO?” Rather, “What is He calling you TO?”

To what is He drawing you? And to what must you die so that you may answer “Yes!”

He calls me to rest, and I must die to self when my satisfaction comes in productivity, in crossing tasks off that list.

He calls me to prayer, and I must die to distraction.

He calls me to service, and I must become humble, dying to what I consider a higher purpose.

He calls me to giving, and I must die to pride, to the fear that what I have to give will not be enough.

He calls me to worship, and I must die to self and give Him ALL.

He calls me to hearing, and I must be silent, so that as my voice dies, His voice is heard.

He calls me to stop and to play, and I must die to that ticking clock.   No…Time…Not…Now…


Today, the call is for rest. This was not on my calendar. But in my rest, I consider this — in each day, He will call. If I will turn my face to Him, I will hear and answer “Yes!”

“Seeking God and His will must remain our constant desire and aspiration, even after we’ve begun seeing His strength demonstrated in our lives. Otherwise, we will be submerged beneath the momentum of human approval, momentary convenience, personal desires, or misplaced ambitions…..our level of steadfastness will be equal to our level of fellowship with the Father.” Priscilla Shirer in “Gideon: Your Weakness, God’s Strength.

So today, what is God is calling you TO? Will you hear, and will you answer “Yes”?

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