When Pain Is Your Truth

Five Minute Friday

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In my five minutes of pondering truth, I know this: People in pain sometimes turn that pain against someone they love. The truth for a young acquaintance of mine is that on this Friday, she is afraid to return home. Afraid of what someone who is supposed to love her will do with the pain they carry in their own hearts. Afraid of the pain that might await her there.

I pray for truth for this dear young one. Truth that is seen and known and touched by those who can truly help end the pain — for both of them. And that once light is shed on this truth, she will find hope for a better tomorrow, for a future that isn’t defined by her Dad’s moods and anger.

Our God is the Father of Truth, I tell her. I assure her that her heavenly Father knows and He cares. We pray together and I hug her while tears roll down her cheeks. She has trusted me with her truth, and now the wheels are turning.

Praying today that truth will be known.


  1. Aunt Lila

    Prayers coming her way..

  2. Debbie Williamson

    What a beautiful post, Ingrid. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about the pain this young one is suffering but in the midst of the pain, struggling to see God, the Father of Truth. Thank you for your five minute reflection on truth and all you do to bring truth into the heart of God’s precious ones.

  3. Debbie Williamson

    Thank you Ingrid for your beautiful post about truth. It brings tears to my eyes to read of the pain of this young one. You are doing Kingdom work as you come alongside fearful, struggling ones and bring the love of the Father into their lives.

    • Ingrid Lochamire

      Thank you, Debbie, for seeing truth in this reflection. Today that young girl is in a safe place; praying for tomorrow.

  4. Brenda L. Yoder

    What a beautiful post. I am hoping as you continue to walk with her that she will see God’s hope and truth in you. Thanks for being faithful in being His truth to her.


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