So much I can’t tell you…..but surely you know.

Blue moon rises on this summer night and as I watch, I’m caught in memories

of full-moon romps,

of little boys rolling in grass lit bright as day,

calling out so we wouldn’t miss the silliness.

Calling out so we’d be part of your game.

We didn’t miss it…..I miss it now.

That’s what I can’t tell you. Still, surely you know.

This last week of days, you counting down with great anticipation and I with great dread, to the time to move on. The time to break ties, to spread those wings we helped you grow, to test your mettle in the world unknown. To unearth a little more of who you were created to be.

Do you know that even now you’re so much closer to what I hoped you could become?

Oh, but today you can’t hear it, so it’s what I can’t tell you. Surely you know?

I spy those plans swimming in your head, the hopes you have for this new chapter. You’re writing your own story now, fashioning an adventure, envisioning a future. Reaching out to grasp what waits on the other side of here and now.

What I can’t tell you, but surely you know — those plans, those hopes, the adventures, your future? God knew them all along. He laid them out, just for you. And I prayed for them, each one, though most of my pleas were for nothing more than…..

His will,

His best,

His protection,

His promise.

Nothing more.

So when the hard times bear down, when homesickness surprises, when you feel you don’t measure up, when you ache for understanding, when you fear you’ll give up……

There’s something I must tell you so that surely you’ll know.

The blue moon is rising and tomorrow, the sun, and there’s never a day you’re not carried in my heart. Never a day you’re not loved just for who you are.

And who you hope to become.

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