Write! What, Why and How?

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“Can cursing and blessing come from the same mouth……the same pen?”

Sitting in the retreat center, with beautiful Lake Michigan just half a mile down the driveway, I thought about that author’s statement. Her twist on the Proverb has caused me to ponder in this week since my writing retreat.

What do I write, why do I write and how will it affect those who read what I write?

Putting down thoughts and tossing them out into the blogosphere is one thing, but pulling words together for posterity is quite another.

Dad’s stories — I knew I had to write them and now my children, and someday their children, and all those who come after……they can all know what Grandpa Bob’s life was like as a little boy bringing home pennies to help his family survive the Great Depression. A blessing, I think, to have his very words WRITTEN DOWN.

So when I click these keys to write a comment on Facebook or to answer an e-mail, do I give those words the same attention? Are they words that edify, that honor the Giver of words — or have I tossed them off, hoping the meaning isn’t lost. If they have meaning at all.

To be intentional. For me, that’s what it means these days to sit down and write. Otherwise, what’s the point.

The same author said this:

“Speak truth into the void because there are a thousand voices speaking lies.” 

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  1. Connie

    Yes.. intentional, with purpose…. not just flippant words. I agree! Your words bless me.

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